During her WNBA debut, Caitlin Clark awkwardly answered a reporter’s question about her boyfriend.

The way the media covers Caitlin Clark continues to be peculiar.


A few weeks prior, during her debut news conference, Clark seemed to make an inappropriate comment that led to an extremely awkward exchange with veteran sports writer Gregg Doyell.

Clark had a solid WNBA debut on Friday, tallying 21 points in her first preseason match.

Prior to her public debut, a member of the media inquired about Clark’s boyfriend, referring to him as her “bae,” and whether he would be attending the game.

No, huh, Caitlin Clark said. He is employed. I’m by myself when I play. Man, I really need to get accustomed to it.

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Before making her WNBA debut, Caitlin Clark had another embarrassing reporter discussion with a “bae” question.