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As Kano Governor Yusuf announces the vaccination of 3.9 million youngsters


By Kano and Maduabuchi Nmeribeh


With optimism that Kano will meet its goal of immunizing approximately 3.9 million children during the exercise across the 44 Local Government Areas of the state, Kano State Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf kicked off the April 2024 Polio Immunization Program (nOPV2) at Ungogo Local Government Area on Saturday.


The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), one of the government’s program partners, promised to provide the state government with all the assistance it needs to even beyond the goal.

Dr. Abubakar Labaran Yusuf, the state commissioner of health, was in place to represent Governor Yusuf.


With the full support of parents, he urged parents of children under five years old in the state to make their children available for vaccine, stating that routine immunization will remove polio from the state.


He claims that all supplies and planning have been supplied by the state government to guarantee the success of the immunization program in each of the state’s 44 Local Government Areas.

Governor Yusuf also gave local council chairmen, religious leaders, and traditional leaders instructions on how they might contribute by encouraging parents to work with the government by getting their kids immunized.


According to our correspondent, the people of Ungogo local government area enthusiastically welcomed the immunization campaign, turning out in large numbers to vaccinate their children.

Prior to the flag-off, UNICEF had insisted that increasing routine immunization will cause Nigeria to become free of polio and other deadly childhood illnesses.


At a media briefing and orientation on the polio campaign held by UNICEF in partnership with the Kano State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Mr. Michael Banda, the Officer-in-Charge of the UNICEF Kano Field office, informed journalists that the eradication of polio is a very feasible goal.


He continued by saying UNICEF was ready to provide the Kano state administration with all the assistance it needed to guarantee the complete eradication of polio in the state through regular immunization.

He stated that in order to ensure that children under the age of five receive all vaccines, essential stakeholders urgently needed to work together to strengthen the system and prioritize routine polio immunization.


In order to manage false information regarding vaccines and encourage vaccination uptake for immunity against children killer diseases, Mr. Michael referred to the media as partners in progress.


In order to guarantee that there is at least one operational PHC in every LGA in Kano, Katsina, and the entire nation, he continued, UNICEF would continue to assist the primary healthcare system.

Muhammad Mahmoud, the Director General of the Kano State Primary Healthcare Management Agency, noted that the Kano State government, or KNSG, has implemented measures to guarantee the success of its polio vaccination campaign, which it has started in a few designated regions.


He underlined the importance of public education and awareness, citing the lack of primary healthcare facilities and the low immunization rate in recent years as some of the main causes of the current state of affairs.


“A global mission is currently present in Kano to control the situation, and KNSG would provide all the support required to meet the goals.”

The social and behavior change specialist for UNICEF’s Kano field office, Ogu Enemaku, identified feedback and complaints, evidence-based advocacy, and decision-making as some of the crucial components of accountability to affected persons in his presentation, “Polio Outbreak How Can we Ethically Engage with Affected Communities.”


The polio virus enters the nerve system and can cause complete paralysis in a matter of hours, according to state epidemiologist Dr. Shehu Abdullahi. It is primarily spread by oral contact with contaminated water or food, however contaminated water or food can also spread the virus.

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