Of the twenty-one 2023–24 NBA award finalists, there are no Celtics.

The NBA has revealed its 2023–24 regular season award finalists. Not only did Jayson Tatum miss out on the MVP final three, but none of the twenty–one Celtics were included in the list of finalists for any of the other twenty-one accolades. Coach of the Year receives the final accolade, while six players receive prizes. The Thunder, Timberwolves, and Magic teams had unexpected victories, and the voters selected those three coaches.

As I mentioned in my piece on the MVP awards finalists: Naturally, the NBA Finals trophy means a lot more to a Celtics fan than a single regular season honor. Furthermore, there is a certain allure to taking home a championship even in the absence of your team’s “top” player. In the 2019 NBA Finals, Tatum and the Celtics might play one of these three finalists. It would be comparable to the Finals matchup between Kevin Garnett’s Celtics and NBA MVP Kobe Bryant in 2007–2008.

To be honest, it would be even more satisfying for the team if the Celtics were to win Banner 18 this season without receiving any individual recognition. The greatest testament to a bunch of gifted players working together to play as a TEAM would be a championship won in the absence of finalists for any of the individual regular season honors.

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