Tuesday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Responds to Fans’ Inquiries About the Titans

Matthew Goss, a British national from Liverpool

Question: I’m a huge fan of Titans. Since Mike Vrabel was sacked, I’ve been watching the American media very carefully. How vocal some people have been about how awful Mike Vrabel’s termination was (especially Mike Florio) astounds me. Given that Vrabel has only played 6–20 games in the past two seasons, I find it incomprehensible. They said that he will find new employment in two seconds. Apparently, two seconds have passed with no work. What about him visiting New England during the season and essentially declaring that it is superior to Nashville? If I were Amy, I would have advised him to stay in that wonderful place and never return to Nashville, where he believes everything is terrible. Amy deserves great credit for packing him off. Regarding this Mike Florio person, I came up a video on You Tube wherein he berated Coach Callahan for his press conference debut, citing his outfit! He claimed that because New England coach Mayo wore a sweater or whatever, he was superior. He probably doesn’t think Coach Callahan was a wise pick either because he eats without using the proper fork! Give me a break, please! How ridiculous this Florio guy is. It’s obvious he has a grudge of some sort. I’m so excited for the Titans to make everyone regret what they said! Jim, have a fantastic week!


Jim: Matthew, you’re bringing it from Liverpool! It’s good to hear from you. Have an exciting week!

Glasgow, Kentucky native Terry Anderson

Hi Jim, I hope everything is going well. I’m ecstatic that Brian Callahan was hired. I think everything he’s said so far has been really good and professional. I liked the questions that were asked during the press conference on the offensive line’s shortcomings in terms of providing reliable running lanes and protecting the quarterback. Coach’s response was excellent. Protection is more than simply a line of defense. A few of the radio guys expressed uncertainty about that response. It’s a highly professional response, in my opinion, as the last thing you want is to have opposition from that position group before you can practice on the field.

I can’t wait for our line guys to receive varied instruction and hear different voices. Since you have covered sports for a long time, I’m curious about your thoughts on how to use the existing components in a fresh way. I understand that not every player in the locker room will agree with the new vision, but based on your coverage of the Titans, how do you feel about the new guy?

Jim: Hello Terry. We can all agree, though, that the Titans need to improve up front. Fixing the problems on the offensive line will undoubtedly rank among Coach Callahan’s top objectives. Regarding the new voice, let me emphasize that the team for the following season will seem very different right away. There is always a lot of change, and the 2024 squad will be no exception. Everyone was really impressed with Coach Callahan last week, and I have no doubt that the players will feel the same way about him. Everything will be different, including the coaching staff, message, and method of instruction for the guys. However, I feel good about things since the NFL is all about adapting.

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