Trolled ruthlessly by Kentucky Baseball for releasing the “SEC Champions” post too soon

Due to a recent social media post touting the club’s success, rival baseball fans are ruthlessly trolling the Kentucky team. The message labeling UK the 2024 SEC champions is still pinned at the top of the team’s X account. After winning the first game of their last conference series, the Wildcats shared the SEC regular season title; however, a lackluster performance in their final game would result in a third-place seed in the league tournament.

Kentucky’s season on the diamond was among the best in team history, with 39 wins and a 22-8 SEC record. In league play, the ‘Cats had a 20-7 record going into the weekend. That put second-place Tennessee up a game. They shared the conference title after defeating Vanderbilt in Games 1 and 2, so a win in the final regular season game would essentially proclaim them as SEC champions. The achievement was swiftly acknowledged and praised on social media by the squad.

Regretfully, Tennessee’s sweep of South Carolina and a defeat in Game 3 resulted in a two-way tie at the top of the standings. To make matters worse, the Vols’ head-to-head record earned them the #1 seed in the SEC Tournament. Earlier in the year, UT defeated the Wildcats in two of their three games played in Lexington, earning the tiebreaker.

The ‘Cats were promptly informed by fans via the comments area. “It appears to be aging nicely.” “Despite having the best team ever, you are still unable to place first.”

You still have time to remove this! “Discuss about being ahead of time.” “Well done on the 3-seed…” Due to the tiebreaker, Tennessee was awarded the top seed, and Arkansas, the SEC West champion, was ranked second. The Wildcats were ranked third as a result. Though the season is undoubtedly something to be happy about, perhaps the post would have been better off waiting to find out if the team was the clear winner!

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