Top 25 women’s basketball transfers: third-act Hailey Van Lith, Iowa’s Caitlin Clarks’ replacement

Texas and Oklahoma are loading up as they enter the SEC, LSU is loading back up, USC and UConn are putting their chips to the middle of the table, and Iowa has replaced Caitlin Clark.

The window for women’s college basketball transfers has ended, so this is the ideal moment to review the top 25 choices available this cycle. While some are still considering their options, the majority have already decided where they will attend college next.


Remaining eligibility is one of the factors we take into account when ranking, and it helps to explain why we choose No. 1 based on considerations that are undoubtedly defensible. There is a ton of value here, and of course, HVL makes her way back into our rankings, albeit lower than a season ago. This is a fun cycle that might not have the same pop as a year ago when Aneesah Morrow and Hailey Van Lith were Nos. 1 and 2, respectively.

The LSU superteam transfer plot from the previous season has been replaced by Iowa, USC and UConn are placing their cards closer to the middle, and Oklahoma and Texas are packing up as they head into the SEC. Regarding LSU, what are your thoughts? Yes, the Bayou Bengals, led by Kim Mulkey, are still playing. We’re thrilled about this autumn because the women’s game is finally receiving the recognition it deserves.


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