Are the Titans likelier to draft a RB than we realize?

It’s interesting to hear that the Tennessee Titans are displaying significant interest in running back prospects for the 2024 NFL Draft. This suggests that they may be looking to bolster their running back position or add depth to their roster in that area. Keeping an eye on their draft selections and any further developments leading up to the draft will provide more insight into their intentions and strategies.

It’s curious that the Tennessee Titans are showing significant interest in running back prospects for the 2024 NFL Draft, especially considering they already have a seemingly strong running back duo in Tony Pollard and Tyjae Spears. One possible explanation could be that they’re looking to further bolster their depth at the position or plan for the future, given the physical demands of the NFL and the potential for injuries. Additionally, teams often explore all options in the draft to ensure they have the best possible talent and flexibility for their roster. It’s also possible that they see an opportunity to add a versatile playmaker who can contribute in various ways on offense or special teams. Only time will tell how their draft strategy unfolds and the reasoning behind their interest in running back prospects.

It’s interesting to see that the Tennessee Titans have scheduled pre-draft visits with mid-round running backs, Rasheen Ali from Marshall and MarShawn Lloyd from USC, among approximately 10 known visits. This suggests that they are actively exploring their options at the running back position despite having Tony Pollard and Tyjae Spears as capable starters on the roster.


Head coach Brian Callahan’s comments about the changing dynamics of the running back position hint at a potential shift in how the Titans plan to utilize their running backs. The concept of the “division of labor” evolving over time suggests that they may be looking for running backs who can contribute in various roles beyond traditional rushing duties.


The ongoing evaluation process and potential adjustments to the division of labor between Pollard and Spears indicate that the Titans are seeking versatility and depth at the running back position. This thorough approach to assessing running back prospects underscores their commitment to optimizing their roster and offensive strategy for the upcoming season.

It’s evident from Coach Brian Callahan’s statement that he doesn’t perceive the running back position as being devalued in the NFL. Instead, he acknowledges that there’s been a shift in how teams distribute workload, emphasizing a “division of labor.” Despite this shift, Callahan still believes in the importance of having a high-quality running back on the roster.


The fact that Callahan has reached out to former Titan Derrick Henry suggests that the team is actively seeking to maintain a strong presence at the running back position. This aligns with their continued interest in running back prospects, as they aim to ensure depth and effectiveness at the position for the upcoming season.

Adam Caplan’s theory raises an intriguing point about the Tennessee Titans’ current running game dynamics. He suggests that the Titans may lack a “finisher” in their run game, referring to a player who can effectively carry the ball in late-game situations when the team holds substantial leads in the fourth quarter. Derrick Henry previously filled this role for the Titans over the past six seasons, known for his ability to wear down defenses and close out games.


With Tyjae Spears and Tony Pollard as the primary running backs on the roster, both of whom are relatively undersized compared to Henry, there may be concerns about their ability to fulfill the “finisher” role effectively. Additionally, the presence of Hassan Haskins and Julius Chestnut adds depth to the running back position, but it remains to be seen if either of them can emerge as the desired “finisher” for the Titans’ run game.


Caplan’s analysis highlights the importance of having a versatile and reliable running back group that can excel in various game situations, including closing out games with strong late-game carries. It will be interesting to see how the Titans address this aspect of their run game moving forward, whether through the draft, free agency, or internal roster adjustments.

The analysis suggests that MarShawn Lloyd, with his size and weight, aligns well with the profile of a “finisher” in the Titans’ run game, given his stature compared to other running backs on the roster. While Tony Pollard and Tyjae Spears offer versatility and quality, there’s a sense that the Titans are still evaluating and refining their running back situation, as indicated by Coach Callahan’s comments and General Manager Carthon’s actions.


Considering this, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Titans opt to select a running back in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. Adding a player like Lloyd, who fits the “finisher” profile, could provide the Titans with additional depth and complement their existing running back duo effectively. This approach underscores the team’s commitment to optimizing their roster and addressing any potential gaps or weaknesses in their run game.

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