What Takes Place At One Buc Palace Upon An Official Visit From A Player

Physical Michigan cornerback Mike Sainristil was one of the 30 official prospect visits made by the Bucs ahead of next week’s draft, which included a stop at One Buc Palace.

It appears that Sainristil was a receiver for two years before switching to cornerback. Joe hears football fans raving about his tackle-punishing style and hustle. His only possible flaw could be his 5-9 height.

Sainristil is yet believed to be a Day 2 selection, possibly.

Speaking to Justin Melo of The Draft Network, Sainristil said of the Bucs, “They treated me like family.” I cherished every aspect of that trip. To be honest, it felt a lot like my first time on the Michigan campus. It makes a lot of sense to me.

Regretfully, the Bucs are unable to sign him in the same way as a college team.

Joe was therefore interested in what exactly about Sainristil’s presence had made such an impact. Joe inquired last week about what would happen when a player paid an official visit to One Buc Palace with Jason Licht, the general manager of the Bucs who loves AC/DC.

Licht said, “Well, they’ll come in and they’ll meet with the trainer.” “For the most part, they’ve completed their physicals; nevertheless, occasionally, there are some items we want to further investigate.

“They will have a 30-minute meeting with [head trainer] Bobby Slater and the training team, followed by a 30-minute meeting with [vice president of player engagement] Duke Preston and his staff.

After that, they will have a 30-minute separate meeting with our scouts and me (as well as Licht’s personnel team). They will next eat lunch and continue their meeting with the coaches for a short while.

Without a certain, Licht and his group are not entertaining Sainristil like a fraternity smoking. Sainristil is tested and watched every minute he is there, as is the case with any official guest from the college.

Call it spying on the NFL. (And occasionally it becomes incredibly dumb.)

Licht remarked, “We all want them to feel comfortable.” “We want to set them free so we can witness their actual selves and personalities.

Licht added that one of the main objectives is for the player to have a positive impression of the Bucs when they leave One Buc Palace. The NFL future of a player is never assured.

Did anyone ever suspect, for instance, that Antonio Brown, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh, or even Tom Brady would be sporting a Bucs shirt in 2018?

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