Sue Bird Gives Caitlin Clark Four Crucial Words of Advice in the WNBA

As part of the Indiana Fever’s May 1 media day, Caitlin Clark talked with reporters.


There, Clark was questioned about whether she had ever gotten rookie mentoring from WNBA superstar Sue Bird.


Clark retorted, “I don’t think she said anything specifically about being a rookie.” One of her most important bits of advice, in my opinion, is to just keep being who you are.

And I believe that will be crucial for me moving ahead,” Clark continued. There will undoubtedly be times when things don’t run as smoothly as they may have in the past. Don’t, however, lose faith in my abilities and who I’ve been.

Bird mentioned that there will always be obstacles and learning curves, according to Clark’s later statement. Having a little grace in that as well as the ability to grow and learn from it.

Bird Is A Huge Fan Of Clark

Bird has expressed her admiration for the Iowa icon in various ways, even though this important counsel was given in private.


In the 2024 National Championship Game, Bird commented on X, “What a season @IowaWBB and what a career @CaitlinClark22.” Iowa lost to South Carolina in the game. Whether it was ring or not, we surely witnessed one of the greatest collegiate careers ever. We appreciate your play, poise, and of course your logo 3’s for helping to enhance our sport! I’m excited to see you succeed at the next level!

On December 2, Bird gained more notoriety when she and “Ted Lasso” actor Jason Sudeikis watched Iowa defeat Bowling Green 99-65 from the court.

Bird and Sudeikis not only greeted the Hawkeyes in their locker room after the game, but Clark also took a postgame photo with the two celebs.

Additionally, Bird added, “I mean, it’s jaw-dropping,” when discussing Clark’s playing style with the Wall Street Journal for a story published on November 8. It’s astounding. It forces you to remember those times.

GM of Fever Likens Clark To Bird

Indiana On May 1, Lin Dunn, general manager of Fever, also spoke with the media. She was immediately questioned about drawing comparisons between Sue Bird (whom Dunn selected first overall in 2002) and Boston Celtics great Larry Bird.


According to the Associated Press, Dunn stated, “I see many characteristics between Sue Bird and Caitlin Clark about 20 years later.” “Caitlin has promise, based on the excellent guards I’ve watched over the course of how many years—28 years—to date. She might have that kind of career if she maintains her health and rapidly adjusts to the toughness of this league.

Clark’s media day was quite eventful. Apart from posing for pictures alongside her fellow Fever star Aliyah Boston, she also had the opportunity to interact with some really cute therapy dogs.

Although Bella, the dog owned by the first overall choice in the 2024 WNBA Draft, is known to exist, it is unknown if Bella is now with her in Indianapolis.


But, Bella is probably back home with Clark’s parents because Clark is now staying in a hotel, and most hotels don’t allow dogs.

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