Stephen A. Smith shares his genuine thoughts about Lakers coach JJ Redick’s interest

The Los Angeles Lakers’ coaching search garnered a hot response from both Stephen A. and Kendrick Perkins.

The Los Angeles Lakers’ pursuit of a new head coach has given rise to rumors that JJ Redick, a former guard for the Clippers and current NBA podcaster and analyst, may be the team’s next choice. Longtime NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith recently shared his genuine opinions regarding Redick’s chances of getting recruited as well as his opinions about another former All-Star whose name is being considered.

The remarks coincided with speculation that Redick was the Lakers’ selection. Rumors regarding a well-known prospect’s chances of playing in Hollywood were ignited by a sighting of LeBron James at the NBA Draft Combine.

Smith made some pointed remarks that seemed to completely reverse the expectations and wishes of the majority of people regarding the direction that the Lakers should pursue their coaching search.

Smith Discusses His Views on the Lakers’ Coach Search Among others,

Redick and Cassell were mentioned by Smith, who said that Redick is considered a “brilliant basketball mind.” Redick and LeBron James are “doing that damn podcast together,” Smith continued, alluding to their podcast “Mind the Game” and saying that he considers it “more than a coincidence.” Smith declared that although James “clearly being interested” in Redick as head coach, he is “not knocking” him for it.

February 16, 2024; USA; Indianapolis, IN In the third quarter of Team Stephen A’s All Star Celebrity Game at Lucas Oil Stadium against Team Shannon, coaches Stephen A. Smith and Lil Wayne watch player AJ McLean (00). Trevor Ruszkowski of USA TODAY Sports must be given credit.

In closing, he stated that he thought NBA All-Star and former Timberwolves guard Sam Cassell “deserves this opportunity” before handing the mic to Boston Celtics great and former NBA champion Kendrick Perkins.

Redick’s Doubts: Perkins’s Anthony Davis Justification

Perkins shared the Anthony Davis-related rationale for why the Lakers ought to ease off on Redick while acknowledging James’ apparent preference for Redick to be the team’s future head coach. Perkins claims that since Davis is thirty-one years old and “in his prime,” the Lakers should consider, if not prioritize, his choice for head coach. In the meantime, LeBron James, JJ Redick, and the potential Lakers selection of Bronny James—who averaged less than five points per game for the USC Trojans last season—in the 2024 NBA Draft have dominated talk about the Lakers around the country. Smith and Perkins appear to believe that the Lakers might be missing the boat by going over Cassell regardless of what transpires.

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