Shaquille O’Neal of the Dallas Mavericks goes viral for his wild take on Dirk Nowitzki’s wife.

Shaquille O’Neal, the four-time NBA champion, disclosed a few days ago that, after playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, he nearly joined the Dallas Mavericks. He just came clean about his hot take on Dirk Nowitzki’s wife and how he found out about her identity. The idea of O’Neal and Nowitzki playing together excited everyone, especially after the former disclosed that he had tried to sign with the Dallas Mavericks in 2004 after leaving the Lakers. But the executive management of the Purple and Gold refused to deal him to another team in the Western Conference unless they got the German superstar in exchange.

O’Neal would have been a continuous force in the paint and is maybe the most physically dominant player in NBA history. Because of his physical strength and size, he may have overpowered defenders, forcing opponents to double-team him and creating opportunities for his teammates. Throughout his NBA career, Shaq’s presence alone would have presented a formidable obstacle for any rival team to overcome.

Conversely, throughout his 20-year NBA career, Dirk Nowitzki’s skill and dexterity would have created an entirely new set of challenges. Dirk was a maestro of the fadeaway jumper who could score from anywhere on the floor. His three-point shooting would have caused defensive players to have trouble keeping up with him and Shaq at the same time. Shaq’s physicality with Dirk’s basketball intelligence would have made for an incredible combination that could have won the league.

NBA Analyst Shaquille O’Neal Has An Absurd Thought About Dirk Nowitzki’s Wife, Star of the Dallas Mavericks

The Los Angeles Lakers icon also revealed how he met Nowitzki’s wife, in addition to disclosing his almost trade to the Mavericks. O’Neal detailed his humorous interpretation of the incident in a video that was posted on X. “I discovered by accident…” One day, there was this stunning individual standing behind them. That’s [his] wife, they said, and I was like, “Oh.” I was aware of his fondness for chocolate bars,” O’Neal remarked.

The franchise player for the Mavericks got married to Jessica Olsson after two years of dating in 2010. Their two sons were born in 2015 and 2016, respectively, and their daughter was born in 2013. Both O’Neal and Nowitzki have shared humorous anecdotes from their NBA careers, even after leaving the league. But this one regarding Nowitzki’s spouse might win for both icons in the end.

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