SEC standings updated at midnight (or close enough) on Thursday

After one day of the last regular weekend, the SEC standings did not see any significant changes. However, the Hoover field has been determined, and the teams vying for the right to host the NCAA are waiting.

The field for the SEC Tournament is established. The champion of the regular season and, conversely, the seeds from top to bottom? One day into the last conference series, that is still in effect. In the first game, Kentucky dominated Vanderbilt to maintain their advantage over Tennessee. Tennessee won the regular season series, thus the Wildcats need to hold it to win the league title and the East Division as well. The Vols need to overtake Kentucky in order to secure a top-two seed in Hoover. The last May of this year’s Divisional Playoffs will see the top two seeds become the corresponding loop leaders. Aside from this, Tennessee started the weekend level with Arkansas, the leading state in the West.

In light of the weather-related postponement of the Razorbacks vs. Texas A&M game, it is possible that some Vols stayed up quite late. Neither side scored any runs throughout the first nine innings, making up for the delay. It took two extra frames, but in the end, the winning Aggie prevailed 1-0 thanks to a bases-loaded walk with two outs. In one week on Monday, the NCAA spots for the first four are guaranteed. For the privilege to host a first-round regional competition, at least three should be national seeds and the remaining one a #1.

The competition for Georgia and Mississippi State is to earn the top seed as well. After one game, neither team has moved from fifth place, with Georgia having passed State’s Dogs last week. The Diamond Dogs trail Georgia by one game and must defeat them by one more to force a tie that would favor Mississippi State. Perhaps the NCAA selection committee doesn’t care about it. And perhaps it does. In addition to playing for home field advantages, both dog teams are aware that they are in the running, and if the SEC wins six of the sixteen games, it may be a tight call. Of course it’s justified, but politics can always get involved.

Right now, at the furthest end of the spectrum. The key word here is “end,” as both Auburn and Missouri have two games remaining before packing it in for the summer. Auburn’s Tigers were already out of the running; the Mizzou variant ended as soon as LSU defeated Ole Miss. Mississippi State’s victory over Missouri has only enhanced its propriety. With their victory, LSU eliminated any possibility of missing the SEC Tournament and finished the season well over.500. Even a sweep of Ole Miss would leave them with a 13-17 record and put them up against the #6 SEC seed in Hoover in Tuesday’s single elimination round. Their challenge is garnering enough league wins to sneak into the NCAA tournament.

The situation at Ole Miss is far worse. They’ll be in the lockable Hoover. However, a series defeat puts them there at.500 and a sweepstakes below that required record, making them 27-26 overall. The Rebels would then need to win a sufficient number of games in Hoover to satisfy the necessities of the NCAA. Although it’s probably moot by now, we still keep track of these things.

By the way, Arkansas is still the most common opponent to break that three-way jam in the tenth position. Additionally, Ole Miss, LSU, and Florida all faced A&M.and everything ended 2-1! That shouldn’t matter soon because Tigers and Rebs will take care of it themselves.

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