Sam Hauser Selected the Celtics in 2021 Among Two Rivals

When the Boston Celtics acquired Sam Hauser for the first time in 2021, they discovered a gem. Hauser had the freedom to begin his NBA career anywhere he wanted as an undrafted free agent. He was considering other teams before deciding on the Celtics. In addition to the Celtics, Hauser had two other suitors, according to Adam Himmelsbach of the Boston Globe.

The Heat wanted Hauser to join their summer league squad so he could compete for a deal, but the Celtics and Timberwolves were offering contracts, Himmelsbach said in an April 18 story.

Himmelsbach provided more information regarding the incentives each team provided Hauser to join them. “The Heat wanted Hauser to fight for a two-way deal at summer league, and the Timberwolves offered a two-way contract. The Heat were perceived as a threat, and Zarren claimed that the Celtics had “a good inkling” that they were lurking.

Hauser himself admitted why the Heat appealed to him specifically as a player.

“I saw what Duncan [Robinson] had done and Max Strus had done [with the Heat],” Hauser told Himmelsbach. “Obviously, they have a good culture for producing guys like that.”

Hauser went with the Celtics instead. In 2021, he signed a two-way contract, which was changed to a regular contract in the middle of the 2022 season. In the next offseason, Hauser signed a three-year contract with the Celtics. The 2024–25 season is Hauser’s team option, which Boston is probably going to exercise.

That’s Why Sam Hauser Selected the Celtics: Brad Stevens According to Himmelsbach’s account, Hauser and his family decided in Boston because of Brad Stevens’ well-known status. After reviewing a quick list of advantages and disadvantages, Hauser and his parents kept returning to Stevens and the Celtics. They were both from the Midwest and respected the way Stevens developed the Butler program, sending the Bulldogs to two NCAA championship games before taking a job as Celtics coach in 2013.

Hauser’s mother, Stephanie, talked about why they were so fond of Stevens.

“He just had the old-school, down-home way, and we just liked how he goes about things,” Stephanie told Himmelsbach. “He’s very personable, and everything about him was very trustworthy. So the fact that he saw things in Sam had a lot of value to us.”

Since his time started with the Celtics, he has progressed into a consistent rotation player.

Sam Hauser’s Injury Gave Him His Break Hauser had low expectations when he signed a three-year contract with the Celtics in 2022. That was before Danilo Gallinari, the recent signing, tore his ACL right before the start of training camp, terminating his season. That summer, the Celtics decided against signing a replacement in favor of expanding Hauser’s role. Hauser completed much of the work that Gallinari was meant to perform prior to his injury. He provided the second unit with sizeable shooting and capable wing defense.

Hauser’s role as a sniper is still largely acknowledged as of the 2023–24 season. He has, however, somewhat broadened his skill set by incorporating hustle plays and cutting to the hoop. Although he did not participate much in the NBA Playoffs in 2023, that is probably going to change in 2024.

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