rookie selected in the second round Jordan Walsh is experiencing the NBA playoffs for the first time with the Celtics.

Jordan Walsh, a rookie, stated that the Celtics had mentored him collaboratively.DANIELLE PARHIZKARAN/STAFF OF GLOBE

Over the past year, Jordan Walsh has encountered a range of playoff environments.


His Arkansas Razorbacks participated in the NCAA Tournament in the previous spring and advanced to the Sweet 16, when they were defeated by eventual champion UConn.


He led the Maine Celtics to the G-League playoffs last month, where they were defeated by the Oklahoma City Blue.


With the Celtics, Walsh is currently experiencing the NBA playoffs for the first


Before Tuesday night’s Game 1 against the Cavaliers, Walsh, a second-round selection in last year’s draft, said, “I would say it’s just a lot of learning and taking in information.” It is obviously incredible to be in this circumstance. It’s great that Boston was involved. I’m attempting to be as upbeat and encouraging as I can for the boys while still taking in as much as I can and learning as much as I can. I pretty much have nothing left but that.

Walsh claimed that the Celtics are mentoring him as a team. He claimed that being able to make errors and grow from them in the setting of a game made playing with Maine a positive experience. These days, it’s all about listening to seasoned professionals and taking notes to improve his own play.

Everyone, in my opinion, has some influence on that. I talk about a variety of topics with [Kristaps Porzingis] frequently,” Walsh remarked. “I speak with Al [Horford], but it’s really a family effort, a group effort, that tries to support the young man. When it comes to offering me advice, I really feel like everyone has assumed this role. Those three men are most likely the most helpful; [Xavier Tillman] has also been a huge help.


According to Walsh, the physicality and meticulousness of the NBA playoffs and the NCAA Tournament are the two main contrasts.

This is a far more physical game,” he remarked. There is a lot greater focus on detail. You need to defeat a team four times to advance in this tournament, as opposed to just one game in the NCAA Tournament. It’s difficult to defeat a team four times, move on, and without giving away too much information that could give away your secrets or other such information to another team. It’s crucial to play each game according to your preferences and with attention to detail. I’ve become aware of that.


Walsh stated that experiencing consistent victory is the most important lesson he hopes to learn from this playoff run.

“I believe that winning every game that’s in front of us is everyone’s current objective,” he remarked. And that’s what I’m hoping will happen—that we can create history and achieve something truly amazing. The best outcome for everyone in the playoffs is that.

Assuming the slack

As anticipated, Porzingis’s calf issue kept him out of Game 1.


Coach Joe Mazzulla responded, “I have no idea,” when asked if Porzingis will be ready at any point during this series. All I know is that he’s working hard every day to return as quickly as possible. In addition to participating in all meetings, shootaround drills, and film, he also takes part in as much treatment as possible. Thus, I’m unsure.


With Porzingis down, Horford will probably play a bigger role.


Mazzulla declared, “We have to rely on everybody.” “Al is just tough. We have a lot of guys who have been here before, and we’ve had games during the season without him to be able to establish those identities.”

He is available at all times. He is there at all times. He possesses a strong grasp of execution on both ends of the court and adds a degree of toughness, as demonstrated in Game 5 [against the Heat]. That is really essential to us.


White receives votes on holidays.

In Tuesday’s NBA Defensive Player of the Year voting, Jrue Holiday came in sixth and Derrick White eighth.


Rudy Gobert, the center for the Timberwolves, took home the trophy with 72 first-place votes, more than three times as many as the Spurs youngster Victor Wembanyama, who finished second.

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