In their respective semifinal games, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Dallas Mavericks depend on their potent duos to win 2-1.

For the Celtics, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown play so tightly together that they resemble one player rather than two. These two are a potent scoring combination for the Celtics. Dallas has a unique pair as well. Due to Luka Doncic’s numerous ailments, Kyrie Irving stepped up and contributed significantly to the Mavericks’ 105-101 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder in the second half. They now lead their series 2-1 thanks to their victory. Even though he was in pain, Doncic complimented Irving on his play and said the team has really benefited from him. Tatum and Brown combined for 61 points, which helped the Celtics overcome a difficult contest to win 106-93 against the Cavaliers in Game 3.

They now lead their series 2-1 as a result of their triumph, which is playing out similarly to Boston’s first-round series versus Miami. With a 14-0 run that hushed the crowd and sapped the Cavaliers’ confidence after winning Game 2 on the road, Tatum scored 33 points and Brown added 28 to help the Celtics dominate the second half. Tatum’s outstanding effort, which included six assists and 13 rebounds, ought to allay some of the criticism he’s been receiving lately. He’s heard criticism of his play, but he isn’t concerned about it; instead, he is concentrated on the playoffs.

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