The release date for “Hollow Knight: Silksong” appears to be approaching rapidly, as two of the most exciting updates in years have been announced.

After a prolonged period of silence, “Hollow Knight: Silksong” has received two updates, sparking speculation within the community that a release date could be unveiled soon.

Team Cherry has surprised fans of “Hollow Knight: Silksong” with two significant updates, sparking speculation about a possible release. The unveiling of an Xbox Store page and an official 10+ ESRB rating suggests that the game may be in its final stages of development, potentially indicating a release window of 2-3 months. Originally conceived as DLC, Silksong has evolved into a full-fledged sequel, undergoing extensive development to promise a larger and more immersive experience than its predecessor. While the community eagerly anticipates the game’s release, the recent updates have reignited excitement among players, signaling that the wait may soon be over.

Fans were taken by surprise with the introduction of the Xbox Store page for “Hollow Knight: Silksong,” with many initially speculating that it might be an April Fool’s Day joke. However, Xbox’s Senior Content Planning Manager, Nick Zuclich, confirmed the authenticity of the page, dispelling any doubts. While the presence of a Wishlist page doesn’t necessarily confirm an imminent announcement, it does reveal another significant update about Silksong: an ESRB rating.

The addition of an official ESRB rating on “Hollow Knight: Silksong’s” Xbox page has ignited speculation among fans that the game’s launch could be imminent. Traditionally, when the Electronic Software Rating Board (ESRB) assigns an age rating to a project, it suggests that the game is nearing completion. While there’s no set timeframe, the period between finalizing the ESRB rating and the game’s release typically ranges from two to three months, though exceptions exist.


With Silksong receiving a 10+ ESRB rating, mirroring the original Hollow Knight’s rating, it indicates that Team Cherry has made significant progress in development and is likely in the final stages of polishing the game. However, the polishing process can still take several months, making it challenging to pinpoint a specific release window. Nevertheless, the community has embraced the existence of the Xbox Store page as confirmation that Silksong is indeed in progress, easing concerns after months of silence following its initial reveal.


Hollow Knight: Silksong casts players as Hornet, the Princess-Protector of Hallownest, who played a supporting role in the original game.


The prolonged development of Silksong can be attributed to its expanded scope since its announcement. Initially conceived as DLC for Hollow Knight, the game evolved into a full-fledged sequel due to the abundance of ideas that Team Cherry wanted to incorporate. With over five years of development and promises of a significantly larger experience than its predecessor, Hollow Knight: Silksong remains highly anticipated among fans.


Sources: Matthew Griffin/X, Nick Zuclich/X, Xbox

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