Why the regrets now Tiwa

I’m sorry I ended my marriage. “I regret ending my marriage; don’t listen to that man who is promising you heaven and earth; he might end up worse than your partner.” TIWA SAVAGE Tiwa Savage laments her divorce and says, “Simi and Adekunle Gold Make Me Regret Being Single, Their Love Is Still Burning Fresh Like They Started Just Yesterday.” “I had to ask Simi when she met Adekunle Gold again while we were on set,” she said. Because AG, like, ten times in ten minutes, was calling and checking up on her every now and then. It seems like they were only getting started, because their love is still so pure. That day, single life panned me, omo. In fact, individuals are unaware of the worth of what they own up until its loss. The rich and the impoverished cry in different ways. Many of the ladies you see celebrating their split from their partners aren’t actually content. Divorce is not something that people celebrate, and if they were, they wouldn’t. Many were credulous and believed there must be something better out there, so they were tricked and mislead into leaving their homes. But soon enough, the exhilaration fades and reality bites. The majority of them, including well-known person Tiwa, cry in silence. Sit down with your spouse or partner and work things out if there isn’t a violent situation. Every relationship experiences highs and lows; even identical twins argue and have problems. Pay no attention That man is promising you heaven and earth, so don’t listen to him. If it means licking your foot to sample your new wine, that’s what he wants to do. However, he might end up being worse than your present relationship at that point. From a distance, the grass appears lush and green, but up close, it’s not the same. Seize the moment while it’s still here; it’s the greatest. It’s difficult to be single. as viewed at

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