Rachaad White responds to criticism directed at the Buccaneers offensive line.

Everyone believes that the offensive line needs to be rebuilt by the Buccaneers.All eyes are on Rachaad White.

Among the many bright spots from last year for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers was the elevation of Rachaad White’s game.

As an unproven second-year player, he assumed the role of RB1, and by the end of the season, he was being compared to Christian McCaffrey and was one of the best young running backs in the league. It was a thrilling ascension for White and his rise as a dual-threat weapon for the Bucs has put pressure on the team to properly build around him.

Notably, the offensive line has faced criticism for the past two seasons, and supporters are urging a revamp and rebuilding of the group this offseason.

While there are undoubtedly several areas that need work, White is making a unique effort to support his lineman in the face of unrelenting criticism over the offseason.

Give these guys some time, says Rachaad White, defending the Buccaneers’ offensive line.
White is advising patience instead of replacing players like Robert Hainsey, as most fans want the team to do. White spoke up and supported the Bucs offensive line during a recent interview on WDAE.

According to White, “many [fans] don’t look into [situations].” Many guys don’t consider what I have to say about our squad; instead, they only want to criticize Robert Hainsey, the O-line, and me. However, it seems to me that Ryan Jensen, one of my guys, plays guard and tackle throughout his life, and when he goes down, you tell Hainsey to go to center at the greatest level. He never did play center, though, throughout his life. Do you understand what I mean? Give it time. Give it some time. Give these folks some time.

White would be well-versed in the advantages of those with patience. In his 2022 rookie season, he performed admirably but was not very noteworthy. After Leonard Fournette left, there were questions about his ability to fill the RB1 position, and he didn’t exactly start the season on fire.

Eventually, though, we were all able to witness what White had done. It should come as no surprise that he would advocate for patience, having gone from being a player we were all unsure of to one of the best in sport.

Having said that, White performed exceptionally well in his sophomore season, although the same offensive line did not show the same level of development. The offensive line was inconsistent last season, save for Tristan Wirfs, and it is obvious the team needs to find a way to fix the guard position in the NFL Draft.

The player who most closely resembles White is arguably Cody Mauch, who had a difficult rookie season last year but still has the potential to become a fantastic guard for the Bucs. Sua Opeta, who signed as a free agent but is already being considered as a starter, might experience something similar. Hainsey is another person who clearly fits that description and was singled out by White.

Although the offensive line needs to be improved from the outside, it is interesting to hear the defense of the unit come from someone who works closely with the line and whose job is directly affected by its performance.

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