Please tree don’t rape me

One girl went to the stream to fetch water, when she gets there, she saw 3 boys, two on the ground and the other one on a coconut tree plucking coconuts while the two are picking them.


She asked them to give her one coconut but they refused and tell her to climb the coconut tree and pluck it herself!


She dropped her bowl, Climbed the coconut tree and pluck two for herself!


When she got home, her mother asked:


Mum : Who gave you coconuts?


She replied : I begged 3 boys for coconut and they said that I should climb and pluck it myself and I did!


Mum : Oh my goodness!, you must be stupid, Why did you climb it, don’t you know that they wanted to see your pãnt while climbing?


She said smiling : Hah mum! I’m not too stupid like that, I know that’s what they wanted to see, but I didn’t allow them!


Mum : And how did you do that?


She said : I removed my pànt and hide it before I climbed it so that they won’t see my pànt.

Mum fåintēd

Written by schooleiwa

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