Perfect response from Yankee Stadium following the Twins’ interruption of Carlos Rodón’s perfect game

We won’t sit here and claim it was expected, but Wednesday night’s complete dominance of the Minnesota Twins by Carlos Rodón—who was perfect through five and a third innings—was well enjoyed by New York Yankees fans. That is not insignificant at all! Rodón was dominating the opposition and was becoming better and better with every trip. Just a few short months ago, where was everyone who was sobbing about or criticizing his contract? Indeed, remain in your hole.

Even though Rodón only completed six innings, he struck out nine and gave up just two earned runs on three hits. No batter was walked by him. After being worked in the sixth, he put in some effort and made 100 pitches. Not the worst thing that could happen. All night long, the fans in attendance had his support. The audience was “on one” at Yankee Stadium, paying close attention to every pitch and every significant hit or play. When Alex Verdugo made an amazing catch near the wall, they were barking. Aaron Judge’s three-run triple cleared the bases, setting them off. A four-run first inning with RBIs from Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gleyber Torres set the tone. Rodón received complete run assistant . Sadly, the party concluded in the top of the sixth when Carlos Santana put one over the short porch. The boos rained down on Santana, but then cheers drowned them out when a fan in the right field seats launched Santana’s home run ball back onto the field. Where it belongs, dammit!

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Carlos Rodón leads the Yankees to victory in six straight starts, capping a terrible debut season in New York.