The owner of the Eagles is enthusiastic about assisting the NFL’s plan.

The statement reflects a sentiment from nearly two decades ago, emphasizing the careful consideration needed to avoid creating competitive disadvantages when scheduling games in international locations like London, Shanghai, Mexico City, and Toronto. However, in the present day, such concerns seem to have become secondary to the league’s and its broadcast partners’ ability to modify a team’s schedule mid-season. The focus has shifted towards expanding the NFL’s global reach, often at the expense of traditional fans who are treated as secondary. Jeffrey Lurie, the Eagles’ owner, expresses pride in being an ambassador for the NFL and sees it as a significant potential export for America. He envisions the NFL becoming extremely popular globally and believes that representing an exciting football team will benefit regions like Brazil and South America. The shift towards a seven-day-a-week football culture, with the expansion of games and international ventures, signifies a revolution in the sport’s landscape.

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