NBA veteran explains why the Los Angeles Lakers would be poorly advised to sign J.J. Redick.

After LeBron James joined the team in 2018, the Los Angeles Lakers are looking for a new head coach for the third time. Although the Lakers did win a championship during that time, they haven’t had nearly as much success since. Now, there are whispers that J.J. Redick could be the team’s salvation.

Compared to the other possibilities, Redick is the least experienced, having never held the position of head coach or even assistant. However, everyone starts somewhere, thus Redick is still capable of succeeding as an NBA head coach even if he doesn’t currently have any experience.

J.J. Redick’s ability to lead the Lakers locker room is questioned by Udonis Haslem. However, Udonis Haslem, a former forward for the Miami Heat, doesn’t think Redick can succeed in leading LeBron James and the Lakers. Haslem made the following remarks on ESPN’s NBA Today.

It is going to be a cynical locker room if it is J.J. (Redick). Guys will ask questions like, “Is coach going to do a podcast with LeBron after the game?” There will be a jaded locker room full of guys who will look down on anything J.J. says because they will question, “Is this J.J.’s or LeBron’s message?” Udonis Haslem, a former teammate of LeBron James, on J.J. Redick and the Lakers’ head coach position

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