Myles Garrett’s potential participation in a match at WWE Summerslam in Cleveland is being teased, but it’s likely just an April Fools’ Day prank.

It sounds like Wrestlemania 40 is shaping up to be an epic event, with the return of The Rock as a heel partnering with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns against challenger Cody Rhodes. This two-night spectacle in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is sure to be filled with excitement and drama for WWE fans.

It seems WWE is gearing up for an exciting Summerslam event at Cleveland Browns Stadium on August 3, 2024. With local superstars like The Miz and Logan Paul expected to have prominent roles on the card, WWE may also be eyeing Cleveland Browns’ Myles Garrett as a potential celebrity participant in a match.

If Myles Garrett were to participate in a WWE match at Summerslam, the scenario could involve him facing off against another WWE superstar or possibly even a fellow athlete from another sport. Here’s how it might play out:


1. **Build-up and Promotion:** WWE would likely build anticipation for Garrett’s involvement through promotional segments on their shows, as well as on social media. They might highlight Garrett’s athleticism and strength, as well as his connection to the Cleveland Browns and the city of Cleveland.


2. **Opponent Selection:** WWE could choose an opponent who has a similar physical stature to Garrett to ensure a competitive and visually impressive match. This opponent could be another WWE superstar known for their strength and agility, or perhaps a celebrity guest who is willing to step into the ring for the event.


3. **Storyline Development:** Leading up to Summerslam, WWE would develop a storyline to create intrigue and excitement around the match. This could involve verbal sparring between Garrett and his opponent, as well as physical altercations or run-ins during other matches.


4. **Match Execution:** At Summerslam, Garrett’s match would likely be a highly anticipated attraction, possibly with special stipulations to enhance the excitement. The match itself would showcase Garrett’s athleticism and charisma, as well as his ability to perform in a scripted environment.


5. **Outcome:** The outcome of the match would depend on the storyline and WWE’s booking decisions. Garrett could emerge victorious, further solidifying his status as a crossover star, or he could face defeat in a hard-fought battle, adding to the drama and unpredictability of the event.


Overall, Garrett’s involvement in WWE would add a unique dynamic to Summerslam and attract attention from both WWE fans and sports enthusiasts alike.

The image of Myles Garrett lifting WWE’s towering superstar Omos and slamming him to the ground would undoubtedly be a thrilling moment for fans. However, there are valid concerns about the risk of Garrett suffering a non-football related injury, especially right before the start of training camp.


Given Garrett’s status as the reigning Defensive Player of the Year, any injury, even if minor, could potentially impact his performance on the football field. In particular, a shoulder injury resulting from a misstep or awkward landing during a WWE match could have repercussions for Garrett’s ability to play at his best during the NFL season.


While the idea of Garrett participating in Summerslam is undoubtedly exciting, it’s essential to prioritize his health and well-being, especially considering the demands of his primary profession as a professional football player. Ultimately, any decision regarding Garrett’s involvement in WWE should carefully weigh the potential risks and benefits to ensure his long-term health and career longevity.

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