Massive Rookie for the Titans, JC Latham, Fumbles To Move A Legend-Designed Blocking Sled

JC Latham, an offensive tackle rookie with the Tennessee Titans, is a large man. One of the best prospects in the draft, the 7th-overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft is a mountain of a guy. Thus, you would imagine that in his first rookie mini-camp, he could push past any blocking sled that the makers produce. Ultimately, those blocking sleds can be a little small for a guy like that.

You had the wrong idea, if that was what you thought. Enter “Bertha,” a specially made sled designed by renowned offensive line coach Bill Callahan that weighs an incredible 380 pounds. Now that Callahan has joined the Titans, Bertha has also joined the team. This week, the rookie from Alabama faced what is undoubtedly the largest blocking sled he has ever faced. This is how it transpired.

We all know that JC Latham is a big guy because he measured at the NFL Combine at 6-foot-5 3/4 and 342 pounds. He reportedly squatted over 1000 pounds and benched over 500 pounds. Latham is having a lot of trouble moving, so that should tell you how difficult Bertha is.

Fortunately for Latham and the other Titans lineman, Bertha is the heaviest player in the NFL at the moment. They may have seen the most immobile defensive lineman of the season in Bertha! This autumn, Latham is anticipated to line up at left tackle to guard the blindside of second-year quarterback Will Levis.

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