After the loss to Iowa, Angel Reese faces a decision: to remain at LSU or pursue a professional career.

Following LSU’s defeat to Iowa, Angel Reese is confronted with a significant decision: whether to remain at LSU or pursue a professional career.

Amidst the challenges, Reese strives to maintain her strength for her teammates, despite the personal struggles she faces. Since winning the national championship, she has encountered heightened scrutiny both on and off the court. Despite her outspoken nature and success on the basketball court, Reese acknowledges the toll it has taken on her mental well-being.


During earlier in the season, Reese took a break from the Tigers to prioritize her mental health. Despite external perceptions, her teammates recognize her true character and resilience. Flau’jae Johnson attests to Reese’s inner strength and genuine care for her teammates, highlighting her ability to inspire confidence in others.

After suffering a tough loss against Iowa, Angel Reese is faced with a significant decision: whether to remain at LSU or pursue a professional career. As the clock ticks down, she reflects on the challenges she’s endured since winning the women’s basketball championship, including facing criticism and scrutiny both on and off the court. Despite the adversity, Reese emphasizes her commitment to standing strong for her teammates, even amid personal struggles and the pressures of success.


With the deadline looming, Reese has approximately 48 hours to make her decision, following the Elite Eight game. Despite the uncertainty of her future, her determination and resilience shine through, evident in her impressive performance despite sustaining an ankle injury during the game against Iowa.


As Reese weighs her options, she remains focused on making the right decision for herself, emphasizing the importance of taking the time to do so.

Indeed, Angel Reese has likely been contemplating the decision to turn professional for quite some time, and part of that deliberation undoubtedly involves assessing the financial aspects. With her considerable success both on and off the court, Reese has established herself as one of the top earners in the realm of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals in college, with an estimated valuation of $1.8 million according to Transitioning to the WNBA would likely open up even more opportunities for lucrative endorsements and sponsorships.


Despite the limited time frame to make such a significant life decision, Reese finds herself under pressure to make a choice. As she navigates this pivotal moment in her career, Reese must carefully weigh the various factors at play and ultimately determine what path aligns best with her aspirations and goals.

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