Life Following Lavonte David

A little linebacker with the Bucs does not exist.


A while back, Joe was listening to an NFL podcast where the pundits kind of wrote Clemson starting linebacker Jeremiah Trotter off as being too short.


Indeed, in a true sense.


Trotter, who is expected to be selected in the fourth round this week, measured 6-0 and 228 pounds at the combine. For an NFL linebacker, that’s little. The Bucs have a great record when it comes to smaller linebackers.


When Derrick Brooks was coming out of Florida State, he told several teams he wouldn’t play for them because they wanted him as a safety.


Brooks measured 6-0 and 229 pounds.


Lavonte When David left Nebraska, he was the same height as Trotter and only five pou

nds heavier.

Trotter has a stellar past as well. His father, Jeremiah Trotter, was a four-time Pro Bowl player who finished his career with the Bucs in 2007.


Given his intelligence and rapidity at reading plays, Trotter has a striking resemblance to Brooks and David. Joe then read “The Beast,” Dane Brugler of The Athletic,’s draft guide, to see what he had to say about Trotter.

OVERVIEW: Under defensive coordinator Wes Goodwin’s 4-2-5 basic scheme, Trotter played the position of Mike linebacker. .. He came in with big hopes, and as a sophomore and junior, he led the Tigers in tackles, tackles for loss, and sacks. Trotter’s active play style and thumping intent made him the son of a physically intimidating Pro Bowl linebacker, so it didn’t fall too far from the tree. Still, he needs to use his hands more effectively to establish block separation. It will be difficult to overcome his covering inadequacies, particularly in man-to-man looks, and his lower-body tightness, which can be seen against shifty runners. Trotter is an instinctual hammer who will appeal to NFL teams due to his toughness and heritage, even though his space limitations against NFL players could restrict his next level role. His optimistic projection is that he can be like Chicago Bears’ linebacker T.J. Edwards.

Trotter is anticipated to be selected in the fourth round of the draft. Trotter is ranked eighth overall by Brugler among linebackers in the draft.


The Bucs will eventually have to get ready for life after David, as much as Joe hates to type this. Why not draft Trotter first and foremost?

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