LeBron James Is Not a Candidate for Head Coach of the Lakers

According to Shams Charania, LeBron James has distanced himself from the Lakers’ search for a head coach and left the decision up to the team.

Surprisingly, LeBron James is not involved in the Los Angeles Lakers’ search for a head coach. Shams Charania of “Run It Back TV” claims that James has stated unequivocally that the organization will make the final decision. Yes, I have been informed that LeBron James is not a candidate for head coach of the Lakers. I wrote about it last week. Sam Casella, James Brago, and JJ Reddick were the main early targets. LeBron James stated unequivocally that the organization makes this choice. “He hasn’t discussed his podcast companion JJ Reddick with the Lakers. About that role as well, he hasn’t spoken to JJ. Yes, this morning I did spoke to Rich Paul. He mentioned that LeBron James and JJ Redick co-host a podcast.”

This is LeBron James’s main takeaway. Ty Lue would have become the head coach of the Lakers in 2019 if he had been in charge of making those decisions. If he was the one in charge of the squad and making the decisions, Kyrie Irving would be his point guard.”

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