As LeBron James complains about the refs’ treatment of the Lakers, JJ Redick teases him.

JJ Redick has no problem holding LeBron James responsible. That much was made evident in the most recent “Mind the Game” episode when James began blaming the officials in relation to the Lakers’ first-round series against the Nuggets. According to James, players are typically permitted to be more physical during the playoffs than they are during the regular season. He continued by saying that during the Lakers’ series against the Nuggets, this wasn’t the case. “Says the guy whose team had the greatest free throw disparity in NBA history the last two seasons,” swiftly jumped in Redick. Before carrying on with their talk, they both laughed.

It’s obvious that James and Redick are close enough to one another for them to be able to make jokes like this. If James didn’t respect and appreciate Redick, he wouldn’t have ever launched a podcast with him. The two of them are so respectful of one another, in fact, that there have been rumors that Redick might take over as the Lakers’ head coach in the future. This is a result of rumors that Redick had drawn interest from another team in their head coaching search—the Charlotte Hornets—and the perception that James has significant influence over decision-making at the Lakers.

Although Charles Lee, an assistant for the Boston Celtics, was hired by the Hornets later on, the Redick report made him a prominent candidate for head coach come next season. It’s unclear if Redick will become a coach and how it will impact his podcast with James.

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