Lakers are pursuing JJ Redick to be their head coach.

The Los Angeles Lakers are searching for a new head coach following the dismissal of Darvin Ham. Among the candidates in the quest is J. J. Redick.

After Darvin Ham was fired, the Los Angeles Lakers are in the process of hiring a new coach, and J.J. Redick is a former player who is being considered. The Lakers have been drawn to Redick for a time and are thinking about signing him, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. “But one name that the Lakers have been drilling down on in their initial research is J. J. Redick, our colleague at ESPN,” Wojnarowski joked.

Without a doubt, the Lakers are interested in him. “They’ve been reaching out a lot to try to find out more about him, but anticipate that the search for the LA will be extensive and take a while,” he said in closing. The Lakers’ hunt for a new coach will come to an end this week, the NBA insider adds. He said that in addition to Redick, the Lakers will request permission from other teams in the league to conduct coach interviews. This year, the Los Angeles Lakers’ season ended early after falling to the Denver Nuggets 4-1 in the NBA playoffs’ opening round.

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