How the Lakers can defeat the Nuggets in Game 3 following their stunning collapse.

Is it true that the Lakers have enough talent to defeat the Nuggets?

The Los Angeles Lakers’ 101-99 collapse against the Denver Nuggets in Game 2 of the NBA Playoffs’ first round may be best described by the adjective “shocking.” And quite rightly so.

LeBron James and company had a 95.6 percent chance to send the series back to Los Angeles even with 7:15 remaining in the third quarter. They had already lost after trailing for the majority of the second half of the first game, but this time was different. Denver was the one falling behind this time.

The Lakers and Nuggets had a 19-point lead after the first five minutes of the third quarter. That was 20 shortly after that. The Lakers were prepared for the challenge, even though they understood that winning the game would need more effort than taking the lead in the first place. But they weren’t.

For the remainder of the half, Denver fought back, and with less than a minute left, the game was tied. On Los Angeles’ last possession, James missed a wide-open 3-point shot, and Jamal Murray entered the game.


“In this league, a 20-point lead is not safe,” James remarked at the platform following the game. particularly while facing the reigning champion. Although we still need to improve, we had our chances.

It was the Lakers. They had a whole half to fend off Murray and Nikola Jokic, but they were unable to succeed in such an unfriendly setting. To put it briefly, Game 1 demonstrated the Lakers’ incapacity to win when trailing, and Game 2 demonstrated the Nuggets’ capacity to do just that.

What about Game 3 then? After two losses in a row, how can Los Angeles upset the reigning champs?


Although the question may appear straightforward, the answer is far more intricate. After all, a club losing ten straight games to another would seem to have a glaring talent difference, but that isn’t the case. James, Anthony Davis, D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, and Austin Reaves are just a few of the talented players in Los Angeles. The question is not whether we can beat Denver.

However, the Lakers have their work cut out for them if they hope to steal a game or, for that matter, make a comeback in the series.

Lakers should stay away from losing runs.

First and foremost, some credit ought to go to the Lakers. They played well in the first two games of this series, but they were swept by the Nuggets a year ago. Particularly in Game 2, it didn’t appear that Los Angeles was out of the defending champions’ league.

The Lakers will undoubtedly need to execute at least as well as they did on Monday night if they are to win Game 3 at homeā€”at least through the first three quarters. Before the fourth quarter even started, James was making circus and-1s, Russell was putting up ridiculous numbers, and Davis had scored more than thirty points.


By no means was Los Angeles’ 20-point edge the result of luck. However, the collapse wasn’t either.


The Nuggets rediscovered their rhythm and the Lakers fell cold, trailing 14-5 at the start of the fourth quarter. After a pause, Ball Arena started to buzz once more, and the crowd was making it the loudest. It was Los Angeles that fell silent.

The Lakers’ first priority is to produce the same level of offensive output without going on a cold streak. Although they did shown their ability to stop Jokic for short stretches of time, Denver’s seasoned expertise and other weapons make it impossible to give up, especially in the closing minutes. Since Davis has been so important to Los Angeles’ success this season, another 30-point performance from him will probably be necessary if Los Angeles is to defeat the Nuggets.


And Russell is the other one.


Russell’s shooting performance in the regular season and postseason differed significantly, which caused the Lakers fan base to lose faith in him a year ago. He wasn’t the same X-factor behind the arc and in transition as he was during the regular season.

That was true once more in Game 1, but in Game 2, the Lakers were able to establish a lead early on thanks to Russell’s scorching start to the contest. Following the first competition, Russell declared his “excitement” to take the court and prove himself, and he succeeded in doing so. His 23 points on 7-11 shooting in the second half of the game will be necessary if Los Angeles hopes to compete and win on its home court.


Anthony Davis and LeBron James need assistance.


The Lakers’ bench unit will also be crucial to their chances of winning. With just 12 points combined, Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura were mainly quiet on Tuesday. Granted, with Russell shooting as well as he did, Davis dominating down low, and James running the show, they didn’t need to post impressive stat lines. However, Reaves and Hachimura were unable to be found when the cold snap hit Los Angeles.

Denver is not an easy opponent to defeat. Even though the Lakers showcased their talents on Monday night, they were unable to overcome their lackluster performance. This is where the last piece of the puzzle fits in. It takes a collective effort to even come close.


After a devastating Game 2 loss, Los Angeles decided to do something rarely suggested rather than concentrate on the next game in the series. James took a shot at the NBA and its replay center when talking about the finish of the game and a play in which Russell missed a layup because he was slapped in the face.

He admitted, “To be honest, I have no idea what’s going on in the [NBA] replay center.” Clearly, D-Lo is struck in the face while driving. Is there a replay center available if things end up the way they did? I don’t understand it.

Yes, there is reason for the dissatisfaction. There are many missed calls and fouls that go uncalled according to two-minute reports. Taking a game against the Nuggets instead of using it as an excuse, though, could be a more intelligent method to vent that annoyance.


In the postseason, Denver has long had Los Angeles beat, as seen by several instances going beyond simple phone calls. Furthermore, after being ahead on Monday night, the Lakers would be fortunate to play the Nuggets as closely as they did.

It’s hard to beat Denver, especially when you’re down two games at the beginning. However, the Lakers are capable of winning. They only need to provide evidence.


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