Jaylen Brown: “I don’t think anybody over there can really guard me” in reference to the Cavaliers.

Nobody on the Cavaliers, according to Jaylen Brown, can protect him.

In the Boston Celtics’ second-round series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Jaylen Brown has shown a lot of promise. When asked about why he had been so effective in the series after the Celtics defeated the Cavaliers 109-104 in Game 4, Brown stated that the Cavaliers just lacked a guard capable of covering him. “Me being aggressive, I don’t think anybody over there can really guard me,” Brown stated. “I just take my time getting into the paint, and I feel like that’s what I’ve been doing all season long, not just in the playoffs. I simply go to my areas and carry out my tasks as a result.”

Brown’s performance in this series does support those assertions. Against the Cavaliers, the 27-year-old has averaging 26.5 points, 6.8 rebounds, 1.8 assists, 0.3 steals, and 0.3 blocks per game. He has an absurd field goal percentage of 61.2% and a three-point percentage of 44.4%. The fact that Brown hasn’t been this effective from the field in any other playoff series shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. The Celtics are up 3-1 and figure to be headed to another Eastern Conference Finals trip thanks in large part to the three-time All-Star.

Brown has actually been a rather effective player this season. He hit 56.0% of his shots in these playoffs after shooting a career-high 49.9% from the field during the regular season. The Celtics will be hopeful that he continues in this vein. I believe that the Celtics will make it to the NBA Finals at this point, even if Brown’s efficiency does start to decline. The New York Knicks may have given them some trouble in the Conference Finals, but they currently have too many injuries to handle the Cavaliers, who they will be sending home very soon. I think the Celtics will have little trouble handling the Indiana Pacers, who have a good chance of eliminating them from the playoffs. The question really is whether Brown and Boston can beat any of those heavyweights in the West. We’ll find out the answer to that question soon enough I think.

The Issues Jaylen Brown Is Having With His Left Hand

Although Brown has performed admirably throughout this series, in Game 2 he did exhibit a weakness. When Brown attempted a left-handed crossover, it went horribly wrong, and NBA fans chastised him for it. The Celtics guard’s comfort level with his left hand is still a work in progress. Earlier in the season, before a game against the New York Knicks, Brown missed five consecutive jumpers with his left hand. Back at this time last year, Brown’s difficulties with the off-hand were a hot topic of conversation. In the Eastern Conference Finals, he had a terrible game against the Miami Heat, averaging just 19.0 points while shooting 41.8% from the field.

Caleb Martin disclosed that the Heat’s strategy was to continuously push Brown outside after the Celtics lost that series in seven games. Although it wasn’t the sole cause of his bad performance, it was undoubtedly a contributing one. I think Brown has come a long way in that area, and the first round this year against the Heat demonstrated exactly how good he can play. But there are still more tests to come, and it will be intriguing to watch how he does.

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