Jason Licht: Trade-Up Targets “One or Two”

One Buc Palace is still getting ready for draft day, and general manager Jason Licht of the Buccaneers Ring of Honor is optimistic about Round 1.

Looking up from No. 26 overall, toward the bottom of the draft, there’s a lot to see, Licht said.

“We’ve talked about one or two guys that we’d love to go up and get, too,” the wealthy Esien show recently said.

Who then are they? And what may the price be?

Knowing the board and what it takes to advance or descend successfully may be Licht and his team’s most intelligence challenge. It’s important to know who to contact, whose call to wait on, and what to say.

Draft-day trade offers “sometimes don’t come until Thursday morning or Thursday afternoon of the draft,” Licht informed Eisen.

What will it cost, then, to advance? According to history, that varies widely.

The previous year, the Bills traded a fourth-round pick (No. 130 overall) to the Jaguars in order to move up to the No. 25 spot. However, the Steelers traded down from No. 17 to No. 14 in exchange for a fourth-round selection (though a better one at No. 12 overall) as well.

Those who are obsessed with drafts will recall how the Lions captured the 2024 draft by dealing the Cardinals their No. 6 overall pick and a third-round selection in exchange for No. 12 overall, a high second-round pick at No. 34 overall, and a fifth-round selection. Jahmyr Gibbs and Sam LaPorta, two rookie Pro Bowlers, were selected by Detroit out of that draft. Combined, they scored an incredible 20 touchdowns throughout the regular season.

If the Bucs trade their No. 26 pick and one of their third-round picks (Pick Nos. 89 or 92) to the Eagles, could they go as high as No. 22 overall?

Philadelphia has two second-round picks among its nine selections. It’s possible that they want greater flexibility.

Joe, oh, would be so happy to find out who the Bucs might trade up for. In any case, Joe believes the Bucs would be more than content to hold onto their third-round selections.

During his time, Licht has selected 11 players in the third round. Nine out of them contributed significantly on the field. Joe would only classify one as a “bust”: KeThe only guy Joe would call a bust is Shawn Vaughn.

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