The impact of Caitlin Clark on Fever ticket prices in comparison to Sun is utterly absurd.

The craze for Caitlin Clark is real. Even though the former Iowa Hawkeyes standout hasn’t played in a regular-season WNBA game yet, her attention-grabbing antics have already made tickets for Indiana Fever games more expensive than they have ever been.

Indeed, despite being far more expensive than Connecticut’s upcoming home game, tickets for her WNBA debut on the road this Tuesday night against the Connecticut Sun appear to be in high demand (h/t Legion Hoops). The Caitlin Clark effect: according to @TickPick, tickets for tomorrow’s Connecticut Sun home opener against Indiana were sold TWICE as much as they were for the entire previous season in Connecticut.

The craze for Caitlin Clark is real

Clark’s excellent collegiate career with the Hawkeyes helped make her a basketball sensation even before the Fever selected her first overall in the 2024 WNBA Draft.

With her electrifying style of play that astonished basketball fans nationwide, Clark is an unmissable WNBA prospect that the Fever were bound to choose. Caitlin Clark averaged 28.4 points, 7.1 rebounds, and 8.2 assists in 139 games during her four years as a Hawkeye. Although she was unable to lead Iowa to a national championship, she brought the Hawkeyes dangerously close to one during the Big Dance on several occasions. Her final game for Iowa took place in the national championship game of the 2024 NCAA Tournament, which the South Carolina Gamecocks won 87-75 over the Hawkeyes.

Clark’s hype train was hardly affected negatively by that Gamecocks loss. That might have, if anything, only fueled Clark’s ambition to go to the next level. The Fever are hopeful that they can actually make a difference this time around with Caitlin Clark joining the team. Since 2016, when they also finished with a.500 record or better, they have not made it to the WNBA Playoffs. The Indiana Fever finished third in the league standings after losing 13 games in 2023, their best season since 2019. Despite this, the team made great progress in 2023 and missed out on a postseason trip.

Although Clark will likely have some growing pains in the WNBA, it is anticipated that she will eventually be able to adapt to a professional environment and more competitive play in the league. And once she does, supporters might witness her slaying it as she did when she was a Hawkeye.

In her WNBA preseason debut against the Dallas Wings, Caitlin Clark finished with 21 points, three rebounds, and two assists on 6/15 shooting from the field and 5/13 from beyond the arc. Although she only scored 12 points on 4/12 shooting from the field in the following WNBA preseason game against the Atlanta Dream, she still managed to grab 8 rebounds and dish out 6 assists.

Supporters respond to the rumored cost of the Clark vs. Sun ticket. The following are some responses regarding the cost of tickets for the Clark and the Fever game against the Sun: “It’s crazy to pay $100 for a WNBA game.

She is impacting women’s basketball in a manner akin to that of Lebron James on men’s basketball. “Clark represents the Indiana Hoops.” “That is completely crazy.” “The popularity of the NBA on a national and international level was greatly impacted by the W. Michael Jordan. With Caitlin Clark in the WNBA right now, we can observe that.

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