I was a virgin

I wa a vîrgin.


I had never had sêx before.


I knew nothing about it.


My parents married a girl for me.


On the first night after the marriage, I entered the bedroom only to see my wife entirely nāked. I was totally shocked because I had never seen a nåked woman in my life.


She asked; “Do you know what I want?”


I answered; “NO!”


She then laid on the bed and asked me again;


“Do you know what I want?”


And I replied; “NO!”


She now spread her bôdy on the bed and opened her lêgs wide and asked me once again;


“Do you know what I want??!”


I started laughing!! After laughing for about 4 minutes, I answered;


“Yes, you want to have the whole bed and sleep Alone. Don’t worry I will sleep on the floor.”.

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