Final quick-snap rankings for all 32 clubs in the 2024 NFL Draft

Initial draft grades serve as a basis for subsequent assessments. Revisionist history is typically the result of waiting three years to evaluate draft classes without taking into consideration the opinion of the decision at the time.


These quick-snap ratings for the 2024 NFL Draft represent my assessment of the value of each pick (or group of picks), taking into account the prospect’s college film/athleticism scores and the position. These ratings also take into account trades and the capital traded, which includes both players and picks, as these factors are crucial in predicting a franchise’s future.

draft selections


Marvin Harrison Jr., WR for Ohio State (No. 4 overall)

DT Missouri Robinson Darius (No. 27)

Rutgers Database Max Melton, position forty-three

Florida State Running Back Trey Benson, position 66

Illinois OG Isaiah Adams, position 71

TE in Illinois Reiman’s tip (number 82)

Boston University Database Jones, Elijah (No. 90)

Texas Tech DB Taylor-Demerson, Dadrion (No. 104)

Clemson Law Thomas Xavier (No. 138)

Texas Overtime Jones, Christian (No. 162)

Tejhaun Palmer, WR at UAB (No. 191)

Miami Database Davis, Jaden (No. 226)



First-day grade: A


Day 2 rating: B



Third day’s grade: A

Analysis: During the first two days of the draft, the Cardinals performed admirably. They added an inside/outside pass-rush threat in Robinson, discovered home run hitters in Harrison and Benson, and obtained choices through trade. They also found athletic corners in Elijah Jones and Melton. Though they were chosen a little earlier than I had anticipated, Adams and Reiman both satisfied needs.




Taylor-Demerson’s speed as a slot defender and his ability to tackle made him my choice for the Cardinals in the fourth round of my seven-round mock draft. Palmer and Christian Jones have the skill to contend for playing time in the future and take up back-end roster spots, while Thomas is athletic enough to play edge defense for the Cardinals.

draft selections


Washington quarterback Kevin Penix Jr. (sixth overall)

DE Clemson No. 35: Ruke Orhorhoro

Washington OLB Three Bralens (No. 74)

DE in Oregon Dorlus, Brandon (No. 109)

LB Notre Dame Bertrand, J.D. (No. 143)

Alabama Running Back McClellan, Jase (No. 186)

Casey Washington, WR, Illinois (No. 187)

Zion Logue, Georgia DE (No. 197)



First-day grade: C


Day 2 rating: C


Third day’s grade: B


Analysis: The Falcons had an unusual draft, mostly due to the surprising Penix selection considering their offseason investment in Kirk Cousins. If Penix’s injury problems from Indiana don’t come back, his powerful arm and accuracy out of the pocket might make him a star. I felt that trading up to acquire the athletic Orhorhoro was a stretch, especially considering the team’s need at corner. On the brink, Trice satisfied a vital need.


Dorlus is a defensive lineman that is typical of Atlanta. He ought to be able to play either the 3- or 5-technique, depending on the situation. Before eventually switching to defense, Bertrand ought to make an impact on special teams. At the skill positions, McClellan and Washington—who made waves as a senior at Illinois—offer depth. After neglecting to address the position in the draft, they will have to look for cornerbacks in the undrafted free agent pool.

draft selections


Clemson Database Nate Wiggins (final ranking of 30)

Washington overtime No. 62: Roger Rosengarten

Penn State LB Adisa Isaac (94th digit)

Devontez Walker, WR, North Carolina (No. 113)

Iowa State Database Tampa, T.J. (No. 130)

Marshall RB Ali Rasheen (No. 165)

QB Devin Leary of Kentucky (No. 218)

Michigan State C Samac, Nick (No. 228)

Purdue Database Kane Sanoussi (No. 250)



First-day grade: B


Day 2 rating: A


Third day’s grade: A


Analysis: This was another strong draft for the Ravens. Wiggins was selected in the first round because to his exceptional recovery speed, but he still needs to demonstrate how his small stature and patchy tackling will carry over to the next level. At two need spots, Rosengarten and Isaac were excellent value selections.




Even though the team re-upped Rashod Bateman, I thought Walker, an outside playmaker, was a good choice early in Round 4. Tampa was a worthy pick on Day 2 because to his size and strength at the catch spot, but Baltimore selected him on Day 3. Ali recently recovered from a biceps injury he sustained at the Senior Bowl. Leary was selected for the draft due to his arm and experience. Samac is a strong interior linebacker.


B+ grade

The Buffalo Bills

New York Jets draft selections


Keon Coleman, WR for Florida State (No. 33 overall)

Utah Database Bishop Cole (No. 60)

Duke DT Carter DeWayne (No. 95)

Kentucky running back Ray Davis (Page 128)

Georgia C. Van Pran-Granger, Sedrick (No. 141)

Washington LB Ulofoshio Edefuan (No. 160)

DE Troy Solomon Javon (No. 168)

UCF Overtime Grable, Tylan (No. 204)

Penn State Defensive Back Travis Clayton (No. 221) OT Daequan Hardy (No. 219)



First-day grade: B


Day 2 grade: A


Third day’s grade: A


Analysis: After moving down twice in Round 1 (for rather tiny gains), Buffalo grabbed Coleman, a potential big-play receiver, which was exactly what it needed. It would be fascinating to watch whether the Bills end up paying a price for bargaining with the Chiefs in order for Kansas City to choose quick pass-catcher Xavier Worthy. Bishop ought to start well. Carter, although being selected a little early than I had anticipated, gives the defensive line more tenacity and leadership.

James Cook and Davis’s tenacious running style are a great combination. In my final mock draft, I projected Van Pran-Granger to the Bills a little later in the fifth round, but he was still a terrific value for a strong pivot. Future benefits will result from this year’s transaction with the Bears that netted a 2025 fourth-round selection for a fifth-round pick. Solomon gets to the quarterback despite being shorter than other Bills edge rushers. Hardy is a potent return man and may be a nickel option.


Carolina Panthers in Grade B

Panthers of Carolina: Draft choices


WR from South Carolina Xavier Legette, the overall number 32

Texas R.B. Jonathan Brooks, position 46

Kentucky linebacker Wallace Trevin (No. 72)

Ja’Tavion Sanders, TE, Texas (No. 101)

Washington State Database Smith-Wade, Chau (No. 157)

DE for Mississippi State Crumedy Jaden (No. 200)

Michigan Linebacker Barrett, Michael

(No. 240)


First-day grade: C


Day 2 rating: A


Grade on Day 3: B+




Analysis: In the trade that resulted in the selection of quarterback Bryce Young last year, Carolina gave up what would ultimately be the first overall pick in this year’s draft. By the end of the first round, the Panthers had moved up to select Legette. He must demonstrate that he was a superior choice in the second round compared to a number of other receivers chosen. After recovering from his knee injury, Brooks ought to be a fantastic back. Wallace can replace Frankie Luvu, who left in free agency, and was a great value in Round 3.

The slick pass-catching tight end Sanders will be trying to surpass Tommy Tremble and Ian Thomas, two previous Carolina draft selections. Smith-Wade is not as swift as he is, and his glue-like stickiness makes things difficult for receivers.



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