‘FEMALE REGGIE MILLER’ OF DY… Al Harrington says

Al Harrington, a former forward for the Pacers, tells TMZ Sports that Caitlin Clark would fit right in at her new home in Indiana and that it’s the ideal market for her to launch her WNBA career.

Clark, who recently concluded her incredible collegiate career at Iowa, is sure to be selected first overall in this month’s professional draft, making her the newest member of the Fever.

We naturally asked Al, who was selected by Indiana in the first round in 1998, what he thought Caitlin’s experience at the next level would be like.

“The fact that she’s coming from Iowa to that market is obviously a great market,” Al stated. “I’m sure the WNBA would love for her to be in a bigger market than that, but I think she’s gonna thrive.”

She seems to be destined to be the female Reggie Miller.

Al is really complimentary. Miller, who is largely considered as the best player in franchise history, spent all 19 of his Hall of Fame career with the Pacers.

Though he acknowledges that some veterans will be prepared to welcome Caitlin to the league the hard way, Al is confident that she will succeed in the professionals.

She may seem chilly, but I’m sure every lady in the league is licking their chops to be the one to touch her. Sometimes they put you up only to pull you down.”

Al claimed to have personally witnessed Caitlin’s impact on viewership because he watched the entire NCAA tournament on TV.

But don’t write Indianapolis off as a Fever town just yet— Al stated that although the NBA is still the best, the entire community will support Caitlin.

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