According to former Indiana University player and coach Dan Dakich, the L.A. Lakers are interested in UCONN head coach Danny Hurley. However, even with a lucrative new deal and the chance to play back-to-back games, the sought-after coach needs to pay attention to Lake Show executives.

Only hours after the basketball world was shocked by news of the Purple and Gold’s interest in Hurley, Dakich, host of Outkick’s “Don’t @ Me,” joined Babcock on “TMZ Sports” (which airs nightly on FS1) on Thursday. We spoke with the veteran player, coach, and media personality about the significant event. “Well, you must pay attention. You must pay attention. You’re talking about the highest-paid NBA coach, who reportedly makes $17.5 million. It doesn’t matter to me. You must pay attention, Dan remarked. Would Danny and the Lakers even be a good fit, is the question. Hurley has lived almost his entire life on the East Coast, having been born and raised in New Jersey. Under the renowned guidance of his father, Bob Hurley, Danny excelled at St. Anthony’s High School. in South Orange, NJ, where he played for P.J. Carlesimo.

It turns out that the Northeast and Jersey are very, very far away from Southern California. Dakich started to say, “It would be bad,” but stopped himself. “Not bad, it would be a unique fit.” “He is the quintessential Jersey East Coast man, Mike. He’s from the Jersey City bingo hall, after all. You’re suddenly moving to Los Angeles, but Danny Hurley is adaptable. And he would adjust.” Dakich, an Indiana Basketball Hall of Famer who coached at both his alma mater and Bowling Green after playing under the illustrious Bobby Knight, said it would be crucial for Hurley to ascertain the organization’s future direction as LeBron James approaches retirement.

Danny] needs to locate the organization, LeBron, and the location of the organization with LeBron. And why not, really, provided he feels at ease and receives the appropriate responses? Dan remarked, “He can always return to college.” “Look, Mike, if he flamed out in two years in the NBA, every college in America would be dying to hire him.” Naturally, that shouldn’t come as a surprise given Hurley’s 141-58 record at UCONN and his two consecutive NCAA titles. Since letting Darvin Ham go following a loss to the Nuggets in the opening round of the NBA playoffs, the Lakers have been looking for a new coach. Bron’s podcast co-host JJ Redick was apparently the top candidate in the clubhouse for the position…. but it seems like that’s changed.

The Lakers are reportedly preparing a sizable, long-term offer for Hurley. Although the head coach of UCONN hasn’t publicly commented on the search process yet, he did inform his squad that he was in talks with the Lakers. There is more. Should Danny accept the position only once James promises to remain and play in Los Angeles? Will DH really accept the job offer and pull the trigger?

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