Derrick Henry expressed that signing with the Cowboys would have been a “perfect situation” for him. However, he mentioned that they never reached out to him.

Derrick Henry expressed that signing with the Cowboys would have been a “perfect situation” for him, considering he resides in Dallas. However, despite his proximity and potential interest, the Cowboys never reached out to him. Ultimately, Henry joined the Baltimore Ravens on a two-year deal worth up to $20 million. While he acknowledged Dallas as an attractive option due to his residence there, he was drawn to the Ravens by their history and the passionate endorsement of the organization by former player Ray Lewis. Despite the possibility of playing for the Cowboys, Henry is content with his decision to join the Ravens.

“It would’ve been crazy,” Henry expressed. “I thought there would have been some type of reach out, some type of talks or whatever. They never reached out, you know what I’m saying? I don’t really know too much about their organization. All I know is what I hear. I was talking to my agent. They weren’t really interested. It is what it is. Like I said earlier, I’m gonna be where I’m gonna be, and I feel like Baltimore was the perfect spot.”

Derrick Henry, known for his consistent rushing performances, aims to become the first Ravens running back to surpass 1,000 yards rushing since Mark Ingram in 2019. He could also be the first running back to lead the team in rushing since Gus Edwards in 2018. Despite quarterback Lamar Jackson’s impressive rushing abilities, Henry is poised to provide a complementary thunderous force to Jackson’s lightning speed.


“I’m glad it worked out,” Henry remarked. “Lamar, that’s no question. Zay Flowers, he had a great year. You know what Mark Andrews brings. Offensive line is solid. They lost a couple guys, but I’m sure they’ll find some guys in free agency or draft people or the players they already have there to fill in. And then No.] 42. Big [Pat (Ricard), we had them on film, we highlight him. So, I’m excited to be playing with him, as well. He’s a beast.”


Joining a team fresh off winning the AFC North and making it to the AFC Championship Game, Henry could be the missing piece to propel the Ravens to Super Bowl contention. Baltimore last won the Super Bowl in the 2012 season and hasn’t returned since. Henry, despite his decorated career with four Pro Bowl appearances, has yet to reach a Super Bowl.


“I’m happy I’m going somewhere that they’re hungry,” he emphasized. “They’re hungry for it and they’re right on the cusp. They’re always in the conversation. I know Lamar wants one really bad, so I ain’t going to somewhere where the expectation is like, ‘We’re going to see what’s going to happen. Let’s make the playoffs and make some noise.’ No. They’re trying to win it. Being so close and losing that game to Kansas City, I know they’re hungry. I know they’re gonna come in with the right mindset, and let’s get to it. I’m ready to come in and be that added piece to it to help spring them forward any way possible. Any way I can.”

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