DeMarcus Cousins supports Rajon Rondo as the next head coach of Kentucky.

The past 48 hours have been extremely chaotic for the Kentucky Wildcats. In the end, though, it seems as though John Calipari will eventually take the Arkansas Razorbacks to Fayetteville.

Though there has been much conjecture regarding the next coach, one former Calipari player offered us an amusing alternative to succeed him in Lexington.

DeMarcus Cousins made his decision on the Bully Ball podcast, stating that Rajon Rondo ought to be the next head coach.

A few weeks ago, Rondo and Cousins participated in a podcast where they discussed Calipari and whether Lexington should keep him on.

Since his play on the court demonstrates his extraordinary basketball IQ, it is no secret that Rondo is one of the greatest basketball brains of all time, yet this would clearly never happen. Dreaming is enjoyable, though.

Now that Rondo is back in town, hopefully the next coach will use his as well.

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