The cost of tickets for the Women’s Final Four is higher than the Men’s, thanks to Caitlin Clark.

It is generally believed that tickets for the men’s Final Four will cost more than those for the women. Not any more, thanks to Caitlin Clark.

Caitlin Clark has had a greater influence on women’s sports than most players have.


We witnessed that in the all-time high TV ratings for the Elite Eight matchup that saw Clark and the University of Iowa overcome Kim Mulkey’s LSU team last week (as well as in the all-time high ratings for schadenfreude among LGBTQ sports fans following the event).


The NCAA and sports industry media may now quantify the Clark phenomena in monetary terms. The average secondary market ticket price for the women’s games is now somewhat more than the men’s, according to a report by CNN’s Jordan Valinsky. This weekend will see both the women’s and men’s Final Fours.

The average ticket price for the Women’s Final Four on StubHub was $726, while the average price for the Men’s Final Four was $710, when Valinsky reported his story on Thursday.

Furthermore, compared to merely a year ago, the standard Women’s Final Four ticket price has increased exponentially due to Clark’s attendance.


The lowest priced ticket for the 2023 Women’s Final Four sold for $90 on the website Tickpick, according to a post made by CBS Sports on Instagram.


After a year, the cheapest ticket was going for $692.

In other WNBA news, Indiana is the team with the first choice in the current draft. Therefore, there’s a 90% probability that any seemingly random cheers of delight you hear this week if you reside in Indianapolis are coming from the Indiana box office.


Many LGBTQ sports figures praised Clark’s exceptional abilities after Iowa’s Elite Eight victory and anticipated watching her pursue her next goal.


The rest of the nation is eager to do the same when Iowa faces Connecticut tonight, as seen by the Women’s Final Four ticket pricing.

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