What is Content Warning? New horror game designed to make you go viral

“Content Warning” is a recently released horror game that has quickly gained popularity on Steam, attracting thousands of players who are eager to experience its unique gameplay and potentially achieve viral fame. From the initial buzz surrounding its launch to the actual gameplay experience, here’s a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about the game.

Occasionally, unexpected hits emerge on the internet, capturing the attention of millions seemingly overnight. A single clip can rapidly accumulate millions of views on social media, propelling the highlighted game to blockbuster status within days.


Games like Among Us, Fall Guys, Lethal Company, and others have all experienced this type of viral success in recent years. Now, another game appears poised to join their ranks. Content Warning has just been released, yet it’s already climbing the charts at a remarkable pace, reminiscent of few others before it.

With over 50,000 concurrent players exploring it simultaneously, the new release has surged through Steam’s most-played games list and shows no signs of slowing down as it rapidly ascends through the top 20. It’s competing head-to-head with heavyweight titles like Elden Ring, Destiny 2, and the recently launched Dragon’s Dogma 2.


But what exactly is this game, and why is it gaining such widespread popularity? Here’s the complete rundown.

“Content Warning” is a freshly released horror game that debuted on April 1st. The premise of the game is straightforward: players must record their friends in frightening scenarios, upload the footage to a platform called “SpookTube,” and aim to achieve viral fame.

In “Content Warning,” every player carries a camera, and the objective is to explore dark environments, search for terrifying scenes, and capture your friends in their most chilling moments. After recording, the next step is to escape the danger, find safety, upload the footage online, and watch as the views accumulate.


As the tagline suggests, it’s a game of “get famous or die trying!”

In “Content Warning,” the intensity of the situation, the terror of the nightmarish adversaries encountered, and the skillful filming of it all determine your chances of becoming a social media sensation. The higher the views your content receives, the more money you earn, allowing you to purchase upgrades that enhance the quality of your videos, thereby increasing your potential for viral success.





Every once in a while, surprise hits break the internet seemingly out of nowhere. A single clip can draw millions of views on social media and within a few days, the game in focus is a blockbuster hit.


Among Us, Fall Guys, Lethal Company, and many others have all enjoyed such viral success in recent years, and now, it appears another is joining their ranks. Content Warning has only just gone live and already, it’s soaring up the charts like few others ever have.


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With over 50,000 concurrents checking it out all at once, the new release has skyrocketed through Steam’s most-played games and is continuing to rapidly climb through the top 20. Going toe to toe with juggernauts like Elden Ring, Destiny 2, and the recently released Dragon’s Dogma 2, to name a few.


But what actually is the game and why is it so popular? Here’s the full rundown.


Content Warning gameplay


Content Warning is all about filming your friends in scary situations.

What is Content Warning? New horror game about going viral

Content Warning is a brand-new horror game that just released on April 1. The concept of the game is simple, record your friends in scary situations, upload the footage to “SpookTube” and hope to go viral.


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Each player is equipped with a camera and it’s your goal to venture out in the dark, peak around all the scary corners, and capture your friends in the most horrifying moments. Then, it’s a matter of fleeing the scene, retreating to safety, sharing the footage online, and watching the views pile up.


As the tagline says, “get famous or die trying!”



The scarier the situation, the creepier the nightmarish foe you encounter, and the more expertly you film it all, the better your odds of blowing up on social media. The more views that your content gets, the more money you earn and the more upgrades you can buy to further improve your videos from there.



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It’s an endlessly replayable thrill ride as individual runs last for three days in total, with tons of variation. “The more scary stuff you film, the more you go viral.”


With support for up to four players in online co-op, you can grab some friends and treat them to some shocking frights, all in the name of going viral.


Get Content Warning for free on Steam, if you’re fast

To celebrate the launch of Content Warning, the brand-new game is currently free on Steam. Tens of thousands are lapping up the 24-hour giveaway, but it’s worth bearing in mind this freebie is only up for grabs temporarily.


From April 2, Content Warning will run you $8 USD on Steam. Currently, there’s no word about a launch on any other platform.

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