The bad side of pretty susan

Susan was furious, she kept pacing back and forth as she chewed her nails in anger.


How could he? how could he do this to her? After 9 years of being faithful to him and neglecting advances from other men, men who were willing to get married to her, he had the audacity to cheat on her, not just with another person but with her best friend.


She was visibly angry and cried each time the thought of Tony being with Becca hit her.


She remembered vividly how she helped Becca with her tuition fees when she gained admission and was too broke to pay for it, how she gave her almost all her provisions just so she could be comfortable and not beg.


She cried the more when she remembered how she gave Becca one of her kidneys when hers was bad. Her parents kicked against it but she didn’t care, she wasn’t going to pass up the chance to save her best friend.


So all those times she left both of them at home, they had probably been sleeping with themselves. No wonder Becca loved spending time with her whenever Tony came around.


She had heard of his promiscuity in the past but she never really bothered about it “All men cheat ” was the consolation she gave herself, but this one was just too much to swallow.


She looked at the picture of them together again at the restaurant, kissing each other and anger overwhelmed her.


He had been complaining about being broke and she had released 50k to him, she didn’t want to believe it was the same money he was spending on her.


She proceeded to his house after stealing her father’s pistol, all she wanted to do was run the bullet through his body and Becca’s. Her informant had told her that they had gone to his place so she was ready to unleash terror on the both of them.


She drove her car speedily, filled with rage and fury, cursing both of them under her breath.


She pushed the door open and lo and behold, they were locked in each other’s arms, naked like the way they were created, only this time, he had a longer organ and she had a wider perspective.


“So it’s true Becca, you backstabbing two timing conniving bitch of a girl, after all I have done for you? You are even wearing the wig I bought for you”


Before Becca could finish, she shot him in the head without giving him any chance to explain.


Becca screamed and pleaded with her but she was just too angry to listen, she shot her straight in the chest and walked out of the house, leaving them in the pool of their blood.


As she stepped out of the house, she saw Tony and she almost fainted.


“Ahhhhh baby, you are here, I’m sure you have met my Twin, the one I told you was studying in Germany. He came into town two weeks ago, he said we should play a trick on you and see how you would react if you saw a picture of him kissing Becca, so we had someone send it to you. But I’m sure they have taken things to the next level, he really likes her though, she hasn’t told you?”


Tony laughed as he spoke


“I told them you were just going to get mad and that the you I know will never do anything rash”


Susan stood there like a statue as she stared at Tony, hot tears flowed freely from her eyes as she slumped to the ground.


#Never make decisions when you are angry


#Learn to control your emotions, it’s the only reason you are different from a mad man.


#Communication is Key ln every relationship. It’s okay not to talk when you are angry, but don’t act until you have heard the other side of the Story!!

Written by schooleiwa

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