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Additional external funding is on the way for Greenwich dementia caregivers.

Thanks to a donation from the London Freemasons to the Greenwich Carers organization, over 300 caregivers in Greenwich who assist a loved one with dementia will receive specialized assistance and guidance.

A dedicated post operating out of Greenwich Carers Centre to offer specialised support to unpaid carers of individuals with dementia will be funded by a £50,000 grant.

This will involve starting peer support groups with a dementia focus to lessen loneliness and link caregivers with other caregivers going through comparable difficulties in their jobs.

Providing care for an individual suffering from dementia can be difficult, lonely, and demanding. The Greenwich Carers Center seeks to lessen caregivers’ isolation and loneliness while also relieving some of their workload.

Crucially, the project will integrate with numerous other programs and services offered by the Greenwich Carers Center in order to foster social networks and promote the use of critical support services.

The project will link the borough’s dementia carers with a variety of activity groups, offer 80 specialized information, advice, and guide sessions, and connect them with the charity’s “Keep-in-Touch” telephone mentoring service to make sure they are never alone.

The project’s primary goal is to provide dementia caregivers with useful, frequently transformative support in addition to the support network. Increasing income via obtaining assistance with benefits, obtaining blue badge parking permits, completing complicated paperwork, and receiving direct referrals to other services that a caregiver might want.

London Freemasons’ gift is made possible by the Masonic Charitable Foundation, which is supported by Freemasons from all over Wales and England as well as their friends and relatives.

“We’re very grateful to London Freemasons for their generous grant which means we can provide the specialized support that carers of loved ones with dementia really need,” stated Stu Tattersall, chief executive of the Greenwich Carers Centre.

“We offer great general support, but with this money, we can truly enhance what we’re doing and offer dementia-specific care that makes a big difference in the lives of unpaid caregivers.”

“I’m really pleased we’ve been able to help Greenwich Carers look after those who care for people with dementia,” expressed Paul King of the London Freemasons. It is crucial to make even a tiny bit of their lives easier.”

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