*1. If she has a tattoo ….. use a condom*


*2. If she drinks beer ….. condom*


*3. If she turns off her phone when she’s with you….. boi condom*


*4. If she’s the first to take your shirt off…. Condom!*


*5. If she has short dyed or sprayed hair….. Condom!*


*6. If she doesn’t ask for a condom ….. my brother condom!*


*7. if she wears tight jeans…. Condom*


*8. If she doesn’t sigh when you touch her ….. Condom!*


*9. If she lives alone ….. condom please*


*10. If she works in a hair salon, booth or bar….. condom*


*11. If she is a student at NIPA, UNZA & CBU… Condom oooh*


*12. If she wears g-strings….. condom*


*13. if she has stretch marks on her boobs… my brother condom*


*14. If she wears Beads on the hip … Condom*


*15. if she has a lot of male friends on Facebook ….. Guy, condom*


*16. If she supports an influential politician and wants to do politics….. please….. condom oh*


*17. If she has a ring on her nose and chain at the foot… Double the condom*


*18. If she likes to say that all men are the same, please put a condom*


*19 if her name is Natasha, Lucy, Maggie, Mutale,Ruth, Naomi..……. nine condoms ba CEE *


*20. if she takes this post personally, triple the condoms my brother.

Written by schooleiwa

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